Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Talking Twitter

I had an opportunity to talk twitter with two teachers from Beachwood, Ohio the other day.  Garth Holman, Mike Pennington, and I sat down and Skyped a nice discussion about how Twitter could be used with high school teachers.  We discussed the purpose of Twitter and how it could be used to develop their own Professional Learning Networks.  Garth (@GarthHolman), Mike (@ProfessorMike1), and I (@ssibberson) follow each other on Twitter and that is actually how we made our connection.  After connecting through Twitter, they invited me to share my thoughts.

Garth and Mike recorded part of our conversation and have posted it on their blog - - and you can hear the conversation there -  These guys are doing a very nice job of connecting with people around the State of Ohio and are connecting with Alan November.  Their site is a great resource for educators.  They talked about possibly being at BLC11 next summer.  Hopefully, I'll get to see them and we can meet in person.  I am hoping that we will work together and share different thoughts of using technology in our schools.

Our hope is that we will do a follow-up interview to discuss where Twitter goes with the staff and community of our high school.  My hope is that we will have so much success that the other high schools in our district will jump on board.  I think that the Twitter world can provide some outstanding connections to professionals that will help teachers improve their craft.  There are many ways that we can use Twitter to communicate with the community and we are hoping it is very successful.  Follow us and see where it goes - Dublin Jerome High School (@dublinjeromehs).

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