Friday, July 29, 2011

Screen Chomp

Screen Chomp is a new piece of free software that is out for the iPad.  TechSmith Corp has developed this software to help make it very easy to capture work off of an iPad.  You can record writing and audio to create videos of your work, creating a screencast of what was happening.  Screencasting is an outstanding way to create tutorials for sharing what you learn and know.  

Using Screen Chomp, you have the ability to change text color, display photos that are on your iPad, and easily save the video.  It also has the ability to send directly to Facebook.  It is a new piece of software and the developers are looking for feedback.  Students have found this software easy to use to demonstrate what they know - allowing them to share with other students.  

1 comment:

  1. hey scott its really nice application...even i working on the same kind of application...but i am facing some problem in Recording on landscape mode can share some idea about that..thanks in advance:)