Sunday, October 23, 2011

Must Read for Teacher Leaders

If you work as a school leader, there is a new book that can really shed light on digital technology and social media.  What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media, edited by Scott McLeod and Chris Lehmann, brings together the thoughts of many leaders in educational technology.  There are many chapters dedicated to different topics that teachers and leaders need to know about and start to utilize with their students.  Each chapter gives some background information, then delves into some practical application of that topic, giving examples of how each is used in schools.

The chapters range from basic blogging and wikis to digital video, from virtual classrooms to one-on-one computing, from social bookmarking to Twitter, and much, much more.  These chapters are written by some of my favorite educational technology "teachers."  I am constantly learning from many of the people that contributed to this book, like:
Vicki Davis
Steve Dembo
Wesley Fryer
Will Richardson
Karl Fisch
Chris Lehmann
Dean Shareski
Richard Byrne
Miguel Guhlin
Alec Couros
Kevin Jarrett
Kim Cofino
David Jakes
Liz Kolb
Jeff Utecht
Ewan McIntosh

Check out the book, as well as the many resources it shares.  There is definitely much to be learned from it.  Every staff should have access to it.  It is a quick read, but will provide thorough materials for the topics that you would like to investigate further.

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