Thursday, February 21, 2013


 Bring your pictures to life with Narrable. Narrable is a website that allows you to upload your own pictures, then add sound to each picture to bring it to life. Narrable is very easy to use on an iPad, as well.  You can add sound in three ways. First, you can have the Narrable website call a phone number that you give them and ask you to record your thoughts.That is one nice option, especially if the person you want to record is somewhere other than where you are. The other ways are to record from your computer or to upload a sound recording that you had previously saved. 

This makes it very easy to "tell the story" of the picture that is on the screen. Next, it is very easy to share your narrable. You can click a button that shares with your Facebook account. You can click a link that allows you to email the link to the recording. And like the example below, you can grab the embed code and embed the narrable right on your webpage.

Check out Narrable and see how your students could use it in the classroom to add life to pictures they've taken. I think it has great potential.

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