Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Choices in Google Forms

A couple of new features have shown up in Google Forms in the Google Apps for Education domains.  Form creators will notice that two new buttons show up in the top selection of settings.

First, there is a new "Only allow one response per person" box.  This box will allow the survey to only collect one response per "signed-in" user.  Since all of the students have accounts, a "one vote" restriction can be activated.  This is great so that the responders don't "stuff the ballot box."  This would be great for classroom voting?

Second, there is a "Shuffle question order" box.  This box will shuffle the questions on each page of the form.  This might be helpful when creating online assessments.  You might also consider putting all of the identifying questions on a page, then putting the questions of the form on a second page or set of pages.  That way, the identifying questions stay together and the rest of the questions can "jumble up."

It would be nice if you could create the identifying questions and fix their location - but Google will probably figure that out quickly.

Give these new features a try.

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