Friday, October 24, 2014

New Google Form Add-ons - Choice Eliminator

Google recently added "Add-ons" as a feature of Google Forms.  There are some great options to check out.  Here is a picture of what is currently available.  Check them out.

Choice of Google Form Add-ons

One that I am really happy to see is "Choice Eliminator".  It takes choices out of a list of multiple-choice, checkbox, or list entries.  That way if one submitter selects an option, it is no longer available to people who have not taken the Form yet.  I see this as an outstanding option for people that schedule appointments.  The choices disappear so you don't double-book.  Here is a website with tutorial of how to use Choice Eliminator - click here.

Create your Form.  Go to the Add-ons store in the Add-ons menu and select the Choice Eliminator and try it out.  This will be awesome for teachers scheduling conferences.  Too bad it didn't come out a month ago.


  1. I added choice eliminator and now I no longer see it. Do you know if they have removed this add-on?

  2. I am still able to see Choice Eliminator in the Add-ons. Make sure you are still looking at the Form and not the Sheet that collects the data.

    You might try going to Add-ons....manage Add-ons in your Form. Then see if you can disconnect it and then go back and re-connect. Hope this helps.

  3. This was a great help! I already sent something out for a neighborhood holiday party and was panicking when I realized that all the choices could be picked by mulitiple people (as far as what to bring). Glad I googled it and found your site!